Tiger Brands Foundation augments breakfast programme through school holiday food hampers

The Tiger Brands Foundation will provide food hampers at Leokeng Primary School in Brits, North West on June 20, 2018. “It is our mission to contribute towards education by providing good nutrition to school going learners in vulnerable communities around the country in an effort to equip them for better learning and future success,” says Eugene Absolom, director of the Foundation. 

During the holiday period, learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds are at risk of food insecurity. “Food plays an important part of day to day learning and as the Foundation we want to ensure that learners’ cognitive development and their ability to learn is not interrupted during the school holidays where learners will not have access to the breakfast programme,” says Absolom 

Absolom says: “Ideally, the Foundation would prefer to distribute food hampers to all learners who are part of the breakfast programme, however due to limited resources we focus our available resources to a community most in need.”

The items that will be part of the food hampers include Jungle Oats, Tastic Rice, KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, Black Cat Smooth Peanut Butter, Morevite Original, Red Speckled Sugar Beans, Ace Maize Samp, and Ace Super Maize Meal. As a special treat for the learners, a small packet of Jelly Tots and an Oros Ready to Drink beverage is included.

“The purpose of the food hamper is to ensure that learners and their families have access to basic food supplies for the school holiday period, ensuring that the learners do not return to school in the next term facing the very same challenges the breakfast programme was established to address-malnutrition,” says Absolom.

In the past, the Foundation distributed food hampers in seven other communities since 2011; these include the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

This is over and above the work the Tiger Brands Foundation does daily during the school year.

The Foundation, established in 2011, serves hot breakfasts to learners across South Africa through the in-school breakfast programme. The breakfast comprises of oats, sorghum and maize products and is served at 94 beneficiary schools throughout the country in all nine provinces with approximately 67 500 learners fed every school day.

The Foundation’s mandate is to facilitate economic transformation in South Africa through improving learner health and education outcomes. It does this through partnering with the Department of Basic Education (DBE), schools and the local communities to implement the in-school breakfast programme. 

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