The Tiger Brands Foundation breakfast programme not affected by processed food recall

We are aware of the developments around certain processed food products with regards to the outbreak of listeriosis.

The Minister of Health announced yesterday (04 March 2018) that following the detection of listeria, government-through the relevant regulatory authority- issued a directive for the national recall of affected products.

The Tiger Brands Foundation would like to inform the public that we serve hot breakfasts – comprising oats, sorghum and maize products - at all the 92 beneficiary schools that are part of our in-school breakfast programme and none of the food items or ingredients used to prepare the breakfast are affected.

The Tiger Brands Foundation is a separate legal entity and would like to advise the public to direct all concerns related to the Enterprise-branded products being recalled to the Tiger Brands Limited management team.

We will however work closely with Enterprise's parent company and will keep all our stakeholders informed of all material developments around this issue.

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