Vlakteplaas UCC Primary School, Western Cape

Vlakteplaas UCC Primary School has a heartbeat and spirit unlike any other school – it has an unusual history and champion behind the school. Learners come from the community living in the valley of the Swartberg Mountains, east of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. It is remote, isolated from the modern world and the natural beauty of the mountains is extraordinary.

Like many communities in this region; unemployment, poverty, alcoholism, malnutrition and poor health present great challenges to the families who live here. Vlakteplaas UCC Primary School was completely rebuilt in 2005 and this beautifully built little school represents a warm haven to the learners in the area. Their passionate champion, Jans Rautenbach undertook the rebuilding with a dream to create the best rural school in the country. Until his sad passing in 2016 ‘Oom Jans’ as he is affectionately was a daily visitor inspiring the school management team and learners alike. The Foundation is proud to continue the ‘Oom Jans’ legacy and continue the life changing work he stared.

The Tiger Brands Foundation in-school breakfast feeding programme was implemented here in January 2013. Providing the learners with breakfast every school day has given ‘Oom Jans’ and the enthusiastic school management team the chance to focus on school maintenance, projects and development of the learners as they navigate their way through primary school. This partnership represents an ideal balance as the principal and educators encourage the learners’ academic performance and the Foundation nourishes their young growing minds.