Mpumalanga Schools

The Kabokweni District, situated just outside Nelspruit (Mpumalanga) was included in the Foundation’s in-school breakfast programme, following the receipt of the NSNP Best School Award by Tsembalefethu Primary School in 2012.

Kabokweni is one of the many areas plagued by hard-hitting challenges such as high levels of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and child-headed households, adding the pre-existing challenges that school principals already deal with.  Despite this, the schools are clean, well-cared for, and the learners show good discipline and diligence in the work they do. The schools in Kabokweni, all share similar stories of the in-school nutrition programme’s contribution to a noticeable reduction in late coming, absenteeism, community participation and overall improvement in learner’s physical well-being and academic achievements.

The ‘health promoting school’ initiative created as a partnership between the Departments of Health, Social Development and Education is working effectively with learners receiving inoculations regularly and young girls the cervical cancer vaccine. This initiative combined with the in-school nutrition offers these very vulnerable learners a fighting chance to realise their full potential.