North West Schools

Tebogo Primary School in the Bojananala District is where the Tiger Brands Foundation in-school breakfast programme in North West Province started in April 2014. The school is situated in Sonop in the Madibeng local municipality and was the first prize winner in the Best School category of the National School Nutrition Programme Awards in 2013/14. In April 2016, the programme expanded to four additional schools in the Bapong, Modderspruit and Segwaelane areas, also situated within the Madibeng local municipality.

Rekgonne Bapo Special School in Bapong is the first special needs school to be included in the entire programme – this was made possible through a corporate partnership with Nungu Distribution. With just over 200 learners with special needs ranging from Down syndrome to those challenged with diminished mental capacity, the school is a remarkable success story. Activities ranging from needlework, vegetable gardening, wood work, home economics and crafts – such as beadwork and fabric flower making – are offered to these learners. The school has a formidable vegetable garden that supplies produce for the lunch served through the school’s NSNP programme. The rest of the produce is sold to the community and schools in the area as a means of generating additional income to meet the school’s needs.

Madibeng’s economic activities are characterised by agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism. The mining sector is one of the highest employment creators in the area, contributing 23,3% to the North West province’s economy and 22,5% to the South African mining industry. The Rustenburg and Brits districts produce 94% of the country’s platinum, which is more than any other single area in the world. Some of the largest cattle herds in the world can be found in the North West at Stellaland near Vryburg as well as the Marico region, earning the province the reputation of being the Texas of South Africa. The area is also renowned for crop farming and contributes significantly to South Africa’s food basket, with maize and sunflowers being the most important crops.