Consistently Effective: Transforming South Africa by consistently meeting and exceeding our objectives.

The Tiger Brands Foundation exists to contribute to the transformation of South Africa through assisting Learners in vulnerable communities with quality nutrition, specifically breakfast. To transform the country, we need to ensure that we are consistently achieving our goals. This requires daily effort and meeting even the smallest task contributes to changing the world.

We take a long-term view and consistently engage with the relevant stakeholders. This requires daily effort and we regularly meet with stakeholders to create solutions for learners in our target group. We happily acknowledge any input that brings change.

Integrity: We have the courage to do the right thing and to speak truth.

How we go about our business is as important as what we do. Our integrity is reflected in the manner that we conduct our programme. We do the right thing and speak truth without fear or favour. We will live the values that we want to see in our country. Therefore, we display integrity so that that the learners we work with can learn this value.

Important in this value are the concepts of Ubuntu, social justice and development. We will use our integrity to communicate other’s worth. We seek justice for those who have been robbed of this in the past. We work in a developmental way, taking the long-term view and growing people and communities.

Accountability: We give an honest account of our responsibilities and actions.

We are aware that our work can only make a difference if we accept and report on our responsibilities transparently. Honesty and transparency are guiding principles in our operations. Accountability is aligned with personal integrity by acting in good, fair and honest ways, even if nobody is looking. To achieve this, we have the courage to be honest with ourselves and our team.

Monitoring and evaluation and fiscal discipline are important components of accountability. As a non- profit we are keenly aware that we need to constantly check that we are achieving our goal. Therefore, we support monitoring and evaluation activities with integrity. Fiscal discipline is our tool to ensure that 85% or more of our budget is spent on our beneficiaries.