Vision Statement

“Nourishing young growing minds”

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of vulnerable school children and their surrounding communities by creating sustainable, scalable and replicable programmes focused on nutrition and education enhancement"

Belief Statements

We believe;

  • that nutrition is the cornerstone for a healthy body and healthy mind
  • all children should be given a fair chance to learn and develop
  • all parents should play an active and integral role in the development of their children
  • that all communities should be supported in the development and growth of their children
  • the Foundation’s value and longevity is linked to its ability to contribute to the evolution of society and its sustainable development
  • the continuous search for improvement is what promotes the development of individuals, organisations and society
  • nutrition programmes should be a fundamental component of the national education policy
  • all genders should receive the same level and intensity of focus
  • partnerships should be created on the basis of combining core strengths and expressing self interest upfront.